Top 15 Tarrant County assistance programs

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Tarrant County assistance programs.

Tarrant County, Texas boasts of a good population and has loads of assistance program and help for single mothers, low income families and seniors who are in need of money, food assistance

All Assistance Programs  can be found here.

Food assistance in Tarrant County

The North East Emergency Distribution West (N.E.E.D. West) is an emergency aid associate which serves a group of nearly 40 churches in Northeast Tarrant County which comprise of dozens of churches in Tarrant County. The N.E.E.D. West charity organization renders its services to people in North Richland Hills, Halton City, Richland Hills, Watauga and Fort Worth’s Riverside area. N.E.E.D. West is  amongst many charities helping people over come this difficult recession. For assistance, dial 817.759.7506 without any hesitation.

Tarrant Area Food Bank’s is another organization that operates in the Tarrant County area by providing food assistance. Residents are helped and provide with meals, and partnership with other pantries is also maintained. In a

Courthouse - Tarrant County, Texas Tarrant County

short time period between January and May 2009 assistance was provided to nearly 21 percent more families than 2008 in the same time period. (817) 332-9177.

Another local pantry, St. Andrew Catholic Church, is located among affluent and working-class neighborhoods. People who were donors once use this pantry, highlighting the increase in the needs of people today. Call (817) 927-5383.


Rent assistance in Tarrant County and Fort Worth

 The Harvest House, a non-profit organization, can be contacted for a number of services as funding allows. Individuals, who are facing a crisis situation, are allowed to make use of available funds. Rent, utility bills, security deposits, and other housing costs can be covered by the money provide by the organization when possible. Only the residents of certain zip codes are served by this agency and an application process is in place to ensure this. Besides providing emergency financial and rent assistance, the organization helps clients in building other skills and services such as career counseling, employment assistance, resume review and more are provided.

The Charity Services of Catholic churches of Fort Worth have a program in place to prevent eviction. They administer the Homeless Prevention and Rapid Re-housing Program, which can provide up to 18months of rent assistance, along with funds for energy bills and security deposits. More can be learnt about their housing programs by calling (817) 274-2560.

Many housing and rental programs are in place for unemployed, low income, working poor, and seniors. Rent help and other services are provided by many non-profit agencies with regards to case management and referrals. Find a listing of rent assistance agencies in Tarrant County.


Financial assistance to pay rent, food expenses, electric, water, gas and other basic utilities

 For Fort Worth Texas families, Catholic Charities has multiple programs. They can be reached at (817) 534-0814. Financial assistance was provide to 1,900 families last year. Most of their help was focused on assisting people in paying rent, electric, gas, heating, water and other basic utility bills. An increase of 30% was observed in the number of people assisted from the previous years. Another important fact is that Catholic Charities is the largest assistance provider in the Tarrant County area when not factoring the Government itself. Read more Catholic Charities Tarrant County.

Catholic Charities has also developed financial education and literary programs in addition to direct cash grants. This ensure that, besides receiving financial help ( in the form of financial grants) to ensure payments of utility bills, they can learn to fix other problems that are also a factor of their financial situation. For instance, credit counseling, tips on how to improve credit score, is provided besides ways to clear their credit card and medical debt, and other advice. The intention of this program is to avoid similar financial situations in future, and to ensure that overall they attain self sufficiency.


Fort Worth Texas based Broadway Baptist Center with phone number (817)336-7464, assists by providing food, clothing, and emergency assistance with paying for rent and utilities.

Most assistance in the location of Fort Worth, Arlington, and Tarrant County may be offered by Community Action Partners.

  • Rent/mortgage assistance will qualify people and provide help with paying rent and mortgage for Tarrant County residents. Locate additional mortgage programs.
  • CEAP or Comprehensive Energy Assistance Program provides grants and financial assistance with utility bills electric bills along with assistance in fuel. CEAP also allows for replacement or repairing of propane tanks, central air unit, propane tank, central heat unit, hot water heater. Prescribed emergency expenses for medical bills.
  • Help can be received with expenses that may have been related to the repair of a vehicle used for work.
  • Atmos Energy “Share Warmth” can be accessed, which assists Atmos Energy customers whose income is at or below 200% of Federal Income Guidelines or with extenuating circumstances. A limitation of once per year is applied to Atmos assistance.
  • Water Bill Utility/Plumbing Assistance: Past due water bills and pressurized water leaks for families and households that pay for water from the Fort Worth Water Department will be provided assistance by the agency. Eligibility for program is income at 175%-200% of Federal Income Guidelines depending on the actual findings of the source.
  • Passes for buses and vouchers for gasoline may be made available but applicants must comply with a set of rules for appointments in medical/social agency, transportation to job for a limited time and job search.
  • Utility and cooling assistance is provided by TXU energy Aid to TXU customers whose income is at or below 200% of Federal Income Guidelines. A limitation of once per year is applicable on utility assistance.
  •  For Atmos Energy and Oncor service area customers, minor home weatherization and repairs are available.
  • Holiday assistance program for children aged 0-12, Cowboy Santa’s toys and Silver Stars gifts for seniors.
  • Summer Food Service Program is another resource which is offered during the summer while the school is not in session and the After School Snack Program at Fort Worth Community Centers.

Euless based First United Methodist Church extends financial help to individuals and families to help pay rent, utilities includes electric, gas, water bills and to help worth telephone expenses and prescription medications. Nonperishable food items are also provided through the on-site food pantry. (817)283-4421

Other local non-profits that may provide financial assistance for bills, rent, offer free food, prescription medications, money for utilities, and more include:

  • Good Shepherd Catholic Community Christ Care Ministry – Located in Colleyville.
  • Grace Grapevine Relief and Community Exchange – Grapevine.
  • Matin United Method Church, based in Bedford Texas.
  • Mission Arlington
  • Peace Lutheran Church.
  • A Methodist Church named Saginaw United – Located at Fort Worth.
  • South Central Churches. situated in Fort Worth.
  • St. John The Apostle Catholic Church,(Catholic) ST. Outreach Church
  • St. Phillip Presbeteryian Church

Fort Worth Housing and Economic Development Department, overlooks the Federal Government Homeless prevention and Rapid Re-Housing Program (HPRP).. This is beneficial in providing grants to pay rent, security deposits, and emergency funding. The agencies which administer the funds include:

  • Catholic Charities – 817-534-0814 x3917
  • Community Enrichment Center – 817-281-1164
  • Cornerstone Assistance Network – 817-632-6000
  • Safe haven of Tarrant County – 817-535-6040 x223
  • Salvation Army – 817-344-1832
  • Tarrant County Human Services – 817-531-5620
  • Texas Re-Entry Services – 817-834-2833

A program is run by Martin United Methodist Church called Helping Hands. Financial assistance may be provided by paying for utilities, rent and prescription medications. . 2621 Bedford Road, Bedford, TX 76021, (817) 734-7057.

The Mission Stability organization is for veterans who are facing an emergency.  Applications can be made for rent or utilities, including water and electric bills. Payment for school supplies and textbooks for veterans going back to school can be paid by the non-profit. Case management services and other facilities are also offered. The address of the main office is, 1501 E El Paso, Fort Worth, Texas 76102. Dial (817) 568-4644

St. Philip Presbyterian Church: Items of personal hygiene and requisition of food stamps is supplied. Funding for bills can also be provided. (TXU, Reliant Energy, or Atmos) as well as housing costs and rent. Dial (817) 282-9181

  The LITE-UP Texas Program in Tarrant County is run by the Public Utility Commission Of Texas. Provision can be made for low income and working poor residents with discounts on their phone and electric bolls. LIFELINE and Rate Reduction programs are the formal names of the programs. Call (866) 454-8387.

Arlington Housing Authority – A number of Housing programs are run by this organization, offers counseling and much more. A significant organization involved is the Prevention Program for eviction and homelessness, which has been set up to aid qualified poorer earning and modest earning tenants pay either their past or due rent, back rent, or even electric bills. Assistance is provided to people in Tarrant County, Texas who are faced with an unexpected or some form of explanatory circumstance which was unpredictable. Payment of rent and utilities can be made by this prevention program for nearly 3 months to prevent extrication or expulsion. The address of the main office is 501 W Sanford Ste 20, Arlington, Texas 76011, (817)275-3351.

Charity services of Catholic Churches (Northeast) Bedforth – Case Management services, rental assistance and utility assistance is provided by this charity organization. Distributes fans and does not include air conditioners. TX 76021, 3713 Harwood Road, Bedford, people can contact at  (817)534-0814.

Household goods, clothing, and vouchers – Dozens of churches, charities, and other organizations support the Tarrant County that help families in receiving items that are necessary during difficult times. Receive free clothing, Christmas assistance, school supplies, job interview attire, and maybe even gifts for children.  Extensive help can given by the Tarrant County garment associates.

Community Caring Center – Can provide help in categories which includes assistance, financially, for prescriptions, propane , utilities, water, gasoline, electricity, food, household appliances and clothing. The main address is 317 Commerce Street, Azle, Texas 76020, to reach; call (817)270-2962.

Tarrant County Salvation Army – Besides the Arlington center mentioned below, there are multiple other locations around the County. A few of the resources provided are; emergency monetary support, lodging, help with rental fee, Christmas assistance and job finding programs. Find an extensive list of Fort Worth Salvation Army programs and locations, and the services offered for the unemployed, seniors, and low income.

Tarrant County Department Of Human Services –This Government agency provides services such as case management, assistance with paying mortgage, emergency rent and utilities as well as county-funded burials provided through participating funeral homes. SUAP or Special Utility Assistance Program is another financial assistance program which has limited cash grants that can be used to provide electric and gas service assistance to eligible households up to three times a year from January through August.  Or people can click here for viewing details pertaining to the services provided by the department of Human Services.

Sewer & Water bill program – Help with water bills is provided to people faced with an emergency in the Fort Worth area. People faced with a crisis are provided with donations from the community. Read more on how to get assistance.

Tarrant County Texas programs that all state residents can use

Several other programs that are set up with the intention of helping people living in Texas are in place. Aid can be given in Fort Worth for avoidance of foreclosure, rent settlement, food at no cost, and other monetary assistance.

  • Assistance for utility and energy bills in Texas.
  • Texas legal help
  • Section 8 housing programs in Texas
  • Texas food assistance. More.
  • Texas community clinics
  • Texas foreclosure and mortgage help
  • Therapy for foreclosure in Texas HUD. Continue.
  • Texas free dental clinics

Foreclosure and mortgage assistance programs

Monthly mortgage payment of thousand of Tarrant County homeowners needs help. Many agencies offer foreclosure help to homeowners and make them aware of various programs and resources that borrowers can take advantage of. . The Housing Opportunities of Fort Worth, which can be contacted, gives services and counsels homeowners who are delinquent, need help with the mortgage payments and who are at risk of foreclosure on their homes

Several different foreclosure assistance programs are offered for at risk homeowners by Tarrant County Housing Partnership Inc which can be contacted on (817) 924-5091.

To get free  impediment, loss reduction counseling & services of mortgage,  people can dial (817)346-9990 to reach the ‘NID’-‘HCA’/ /’EPHRAM’ ‘Neal Enterprises’ ‘Inc’. different plans of payment, Loan modification, waivers, and fee reductions that reduce interest rates ,payments, and principals, increase terms of loans will be negotiated by attorneys. Attorneys do not charge for their work in handling the cases. Find additional Texas free legal programs, or learn how to find other Texas foreclosure assistance programs.

Collaboration between non-profit groups and Fannie Mae to setup a Mortgage Help Center that covers Tarrant County and Forth Worth has been established. Meeting with a housing counselor to receiver free mortgage advice, receiving information on government programs and finding other ways to avert foreclosure can be done at these centers.


Assistance from the Arlington Texas Salvation Army

The Texas Salvation Army’s Arlington branch has multiple resources and services for people who need help. Their main office is located at 712 W. Abram, Arlington, Texas. The resources include:

Rent Assistance and Eviction Prevention:  Prevention of evictions and homelessness is carried out by the Home Sweet Home Program. People on the verge of being evicted and losing everything are helped by the homelessness prevention program. People in their homes and apartments can avail funds, counseling. Resources are also available to develop the way they handle finances to prevent future crises or evictions.

Emergency assistance is also provided. Aid is made available to people who have lost their jobs, had a reduction in income, and for the thousands of low income and working poor who are employed but still living in poverty. Several programs are run by the Salvation Army to help the families through short term crisis situations.

600 families receive assistance each and every month at present. Food assistance may be provide to them in the form of food bags or grocery vouchers, securing and paying for prescription medications, free school clothing for school age children and monetary assistance and grants to help in payment of bills and rents.

Credit, debt, and bankruptcy counseling

Consumer Credit Counseling is a non-profit organization that has offices in Arlington and Fort Worth. Multiple debt assistance programs are offered. Debt management and budgeting, money management, bankruptcy advice, wise use of credit are some of the educational program on offer besides confidential housing counseling. Free or low cost help is provided by the counselors for financially unstable families and individuals through repayment programs and debt management counseling. Default counseling for FHA, VA and conventional loans to homeowners is provided by nationally certified housing and mortgage counselors. More can be learnt about credit and debt counseling agencies.

Free or low cost health care in Tarrant County and Fort Worth

Free or low cost health care to low income, the working poor, and to those patients who either have limited or no health insurance is provided my several clinics. Dental services, prescription medications, eye exams, general health check ups and many other services can be accessed by patients.

  • Forth Worth Northside Community Health Center  to make an appointment. No patient is rejected.
  • Crowley House of Hope – Free Medical Treatment is offered.


  • JPS Health Network provides services for children and adults in the community. It is based in Fort Worth and can be contacted.
  • Mission Forth Worth ensures that medical attention is provided to uninsured people. .

Any of there clinics can be reached for medical assistance. Also click here to read about other ways to get help with medical expenses in Tarrant County Texas.

Head Start Program- Childcare Help

This program, funded by the government, helps children of low income and working poor families access child development services  and resources. A number of non-profit agencies run this across the Tarrant County region in Texas. Promotion of school readiness of children is achieved by offering children access to health, educational, nutritional, social, dental and other services depending on the program and the location. Learn about Head Start in Tarrant County, and how your child can get assistance. Qualified students are provided access tp Early head Start program by agencies.

Child Care Assistance Video in Texas

Tarrant County Assistance here we come to help!!

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