New Hampshire Assistance Programs

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You can find any kind of aid, grant or other assistance in New Hampshire including Nashua and Manchester.

Emergency Assistance Program:

This program is famous for offering short term grants which can be paid to low salaried persons for their rental payments. This program also helps by providing facility in paying utility bills. There is an eligibility criterion to avail these services. This assistant is provided when any family is endangered of losing its shelter.

New Hampshire Mortgage Assistance and Foreclosure Help:

This program is designed for New Hampshire families to provide them assistance in the mortgage and in prevention from foreclosure programs.

New Hampshire Health Kids Gold:

This program is for New Hampshire children in order to provide them good health.  This program provides best health insurance coverage for kids. Another health insurance for kids is the CHIP program.

New Hampshire Health Kids Silver and Silver Buy In:

This is also another health insurance program which is helpful for those children who are under 19.  This program The reverse of the state quarter of New Hampsh...provides insurance coverage with the premium that ranges from $ 25 to $ 45. This also depends on the household income.

Financial Assistance to Needy Families:

This program provides financial assistance to those families who are residents of New Hampshire and they are living with dependant care children. This program provides temporary financial assistance and cash to the needy eligible families.

Social Services and Cash Grants in New Hampshire:

Assistance is also provided to the qualified individuals of low income families by the government.  Assistance can be in the form of bill payment, food rent and other health care expenses.

Free Health Care:

There are many health care centers in New Hampshire which provide free medical facility along with prescription.

The Food Stamp Program:

This program is related to good nutrition for good health.  The purpose of this program is to provide benefits by offering vouchers which can be used in purchasing food items at any supermarket or store.

Free Legal Help and Advice:

Free legal assistance and consultation is provided by many law firms which are working voluntarily in New Hampshire for the needy people.

Heating and Energy Bills:

This program provides facility to the families and individuals of New Hampshire by paying their utility and energy bills. Many grants are also offered from the government sector.
Debt Consolidation and Credit Services:

There are many agencies which are approved by federal government and they are working for as non for profit organizations, offer facilities to the families in the debt reductions program.

Social Services and Emergency Aid in New Hampshire:

Salvation Army provides assistance in short term crises. The purpose of this program is to help low income families up to that level they become stable in the society. They provide to the families with all basic needs.

Housing, Rent, and Shelter:

There are many government and non government agencies which are providing housing assistance to the low income families. Eligible criterion requires low income families, senior citizens, or disabled persons living in New Hampshire.

Free Home Heating Oil:

This program is especially for those families who are new to the New Hampshire. This program provides facility of free heating oil and also provides help in payment of winter heating bills.

Neighbors Helping Neighbors:

This program is also known as “last resort”, as this program will provide assistance to the eligible people after other aids like LIHEAP etc.

Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP):

This program assist to the special income group in their energy saving, hence they will pay low charges of their utility bills.

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