Maine Assistance Programs For Single Mothers

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in Maine

Maine Assistance and Aid Programs

This program provides facilities and help for single mother in Maine and in all areas of Maine including Portland. There is much kind of facilities which are mentioned below.

Maine Mortgage Help and Foreclosure Assistance:

Mortgage and foreclosure programs are provided in Maine and around many other areas. Along with this, there are also many agencies which are working for preventing from foreclosure.

Low Income Refrigerator Replacement:

This program is for those families who can’t afford new refrigerators at their home, and their old one are going to finish.  This program works for replacing old refrigerators for low income group people.

Rental Assistance Coupon Plus Program and Housing Choice Vouchers:

This program is helpful for many families which can t bear their rental expenses. Only eligible families of the region can avail advantage from this facility.

The Maine Food Supplement Program:

The purpose of this program is to provide healthy food to everyone. In this program middle and lower income families are provided assistance so that they can also enjoy a good healthy life.


The purpose of this program is to provide assistant temporarily to the families in order to support their children. Their purpose is only to make them independent and self supporting through training. They also emphasize on the education of children.

Telephone Assistance:

Through this channel of assistance, people can save money up to $ 13.50 on monthly bills. In this way, low income people can also enjoy their calls at discount rate.

Food and Groceries:

Although, many facilities are provided in for poor people, but basic necessity food is important for everyone. If you think your family has not sufficient funds to manage even for foods. Then you can come to government office of Maine for assistance and support.

Emergency Assistance and Case Management:

Salvation Army is working as a nonprofit organization in Maine’s. It provides its facilities in case of crises. The purpose of this agency is to offer help by paying rent fee, food along with other utility fees.

Low Cost or Free Health Care in Maine:

The Pemaquid Point Lighthouse as depicted on t... The Pemaquid Point Lighthouse as depicted on the Maine state quarter (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There are approximately 200 clinics which are working in Maine. They are providing their services at low cost of prescription to the needy eligible people.  Those families should be residents of that specific region in order to avail this facility.

Dental Centers:

There are many nonprofit organizations which are working in Maine. They provide medical facility to the low income group of people at a very low cost.

Maine Cash Assistance and Social Services:

In Maine, many agencies are providing facilities in case of emergency for the special low income group of people. They can provide medical facility, food bill and other rent.

Maine Heating and Energy Bill Programs:

These programs provide aid in fuel oil, payment of utility bills and much kind of other aids.  They also provide financial grants in regard of weatherization services.

Low-Income Assistance Program (LIAP):

The purpose of this program is to offer payment of utility bills to the eligible customers of LIHEAP.

Rural Housing Repair Loans and Grants:

Such grants are provided to the low income families in the rural area. The purpose of this program is to improve, renew or repair homes, health and enjoy other facilities.

Low Cost Drugs for the Elderly and Disabled (DEL/Low Cost Drug):

This program is for the old age people living in Maine.  This program provides all medical facility to the senior citizen of Maine at a very low cost.

Maine Rx Plus:

This is a discount card program for the residents of Maine.  Special amount of discount is offered on brand prescription along with general prescription.  Those individuals who become eligible for this program can enjoy 15 % discount on s of brand name while 60% discount on the s of generic prescription. This program is specially designed for individuals.

The General Assistance Program:

In this program, cash assistance along with other facilities is provided to the people of the region in case of emergency. They are provided with medical facility and payment of other emergency bills.

Credit Counseling Agencies:

Many nonprofit organizations are working as a credit counselors in Maine. This is really a demand of time.  This program is helpful in order to reduce debt, expenses and credit card charges.


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