Assistance Programs In Baldwin County, Alabama

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Assistance Programs in Baldwin County, Alabama

What are the assistance programs in Baldwin county for housing, rent, utilities, prescriptions, medical/dental visits, food, grants and scholarships? With regard to food assistance, the food bank of the Bay area is among the key providers of food aid in the county and surrounding areas. The Bay Area’s Food Bank has program that specifically aim at helping senior citizens, children, a mobile pantry, as well as food meant for the unemployed and for the low income. Christian Service Center and Peace Lutheran Church are other locations that offer assistance including free food.

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Assistance Programs in Baldwin County, AL

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Consumer Credit Counseling Service is aimed at providing debt help. By working directly with counselors, people are able to look into possible solutions in terms of eliminating or reducing their debts. People are also able to acquire new budgeting skills. People enter into debt and credit repayment programs that can help them deal with their creditors. The options are available, regardless of whether one owes a credit card bill or medical debt.

With regard to the Mobile Salvation Army, it offers residents of this county with programs that target people in need of help or those in crisis. The Salvation Army is now partners with Local organizations and charities like Prodisee Pantry and La Clinca. The aim is to provide the needy with access to programs that can be of assistance. The needy can access finds assistance in form of getting rent help, access to clothing and food pantry, help with utility bills, vouchers for medication, and more.

Consumer Credit Counseling Services also provides the eligible people with housing counseling. By meeting a spet, people are able to receive mortgage or rent delinquency assistance and counseling as a way of having a foreclosure dealt with. When a counselor works with a person’s lender, it is possible for a loan to be modified. On the other hand, a person is provided with details regarding knowledge and skills to help people make informed decisions.

Among the primary agencies that are of assistance to the local families in the county is Community Action Agency. The agencies tend to administer services and programs. These services and programs are aimed at provision of short-term financial help to individuals faced with hardship. They also work together with applicants to help them be successful on long term basis. Among the services offered are;

  • Medical bills-the people are put in contact with the clinics by the agency. This helps the people access low cost or free dental and health care services. Occasional, people are helped with funding to help them pay for medicines.
  • Mortgage and rent help-emergency finding helps in preventing eviction, helps with mortgage payment or pay for security deposits. They also have the ability to organize foreclosure assistance.
  • Weatherization and utility bills- By applying funds and grants, people are able to pay utility bills. It is also possible to apply for weatherization program which is free. People are offered with both state of Alabama and federal energy assistance programs.
  • Food-People are able to learn and access food assistance programs
  • Debt Assistance-people work with counselors with the aim of reducing debts as well as acquire budgeting knowledge.
  • Day Care and Head Start-There are programs for children and they include education services and day care.

Bay Menette’s Catholic Social Service is a local organization which is faith-based and it runs programs aimed at providing cash, limited financial and material assistance to individuals and families during crisis and hardships. Financial assistance is provided to help deal with rent, transportation, utilities, medicine, groceries, food, furniture, clothing, personal hygiene items, household articles, appliances, and more.

For direct service and aid to the needy North Baldwin Ecumenical Association is important.

In Baldwin Alabama, it is possible to access medical and dental care that is affordable. Hope Centre is non-profit making and provides patients with affordable or free medical care, dental services, counseling services and prescriptions. The doctors and the professionals are licensed and loving while the environment is Christ-centered.

Franklin Primary Health Centre offers prescription medication, medical care, vision care, dental care, and this serves re enjoyed by the very low income and the homeless.

 Baldwin County Grants Information

Office Hours: 8:00 a.m. until 4:30 p.m.

Phone Numbers:

Child Welfare

(251) 947-8340

Child Welfare Office Fax

(251) 945-2491

Legal Division Fax

(251) 945-2492

Main Fax

(251) 945-2490

Main Number

(251) 945-2400

Toll Free Number

(866) 684-1575

Street Address
22259 Palmer Street
Robertsdale ,AL 36567

Mailing Address
PO Box 2529
Robertsdale, AL 36567-2529

Food Assistance Mailing Address
P.O. Box 549
Robertsdale, AL 36567-0549

Zip Codes in Baldwin, AL

36507 Bay Minette
36567 Bell Fountain
36511 Bon Secour
36507 Bromley
36526 Daphne
36530 Elberta
36567 Elsanor
36532 Fair Hope
36532 Fairhope
36533 Fairhope
36535 Foley
36536 Foley
36567 Gateswood
36542 Gulf Shores
36547 Gulf Shores
36535 Huggers Landing
36530 Josephine
36549 Lillian
36550 Little River
36551 Loxley
36555 Magnolia Springs
36530 Miflin
36559 Montrose
36561 Orange Beach
36535 Oyster Bay
36562 Perdido
36530 Perdido Beach
36507 Pinegrove
36564 Point Clear
36567 Robertsdale
36574 Robertsdale
36567 Rosinton
36574 Seminole
36576 Silverhill
36527 Spanish Fort
36577 Spanish Fort
36578 Stapleton
36579 Stockton
36580 Summerdale
36527 Timber Creek
36535 Vernant Park

 Baldwin County Assistance Map

Baldwin County Map Baldwin County Map

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Help for single mothers and single parents, including women in available at different places in Baldwin, Alabama.

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