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If you think that budgeting for $3 or less in a day is something virtually impossible, what would you feel if someone told you that there are some who survive on $21 food worth per week? That is the bitter reality that the unfortunate poor mothers have to go through together with their children. This does not only mean that they do not receive sufficient meals to sustain themselves but they are also under a great nutritional risk. It is important to learn about the Free Government Money and Assistance and grants for single mothers in 2015otherwise such families would be living a very poor quality life deprived of basic necessities like food, clothing and housing. And since education is not among these three top necessities, you would bet that enrolling back to school for the single mothers would be the last thing to think about. By the way, Happy Mothers Day 2015 to all single moms.

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In present day ailing economy where even the big businesses are threatened by recession, it would be pathetic to give a thought at the numerous and far reaching challenges that single mothers have to go through as they raise their children alone. The sad thing is that over the past few years, the number of single mothers in the nation has been experiencing a rather sharp and worrying increase. In fact, the recent statics which revealed that in about 11 million households with single parents, female single mothers headed not less than 85% were very shocking. Unfortunately, majority of the single mothers have no option than to raise their families in great poverty.Single mom - Grants and Financial Assistance

As a single mom, Where can I get help for single mothers? Which are the real federal government grants in 2015? Luckily, Uncle Sam is always watching over them by providing financial help in through grants for single mothers which really plays a major role in ensuring that they are able to rise above poverty. These grants are offered based on the financial hardships that these single mothers face in their efforts to make ends meet. Those that qualify for the program can benefit from free basic necessities like medical care, education and shelter.

If you are one of the single moms out there and you feel that you would do great with a helping hand, you have a list of free grants for single mothers offered by the government to choose from. This way, you can enjoy the economic support for your family and make a few steps towards achieving financial freedom.

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TANF- Temporary Assistance for Needy Families

Looking for $$$$ CASH Assistance. This is your solution for the I need money now problem.. This is one type of grants available for the single mothers which are designed to assist needy families especially those run by single mothers get close to achieving self sufficiency. The support under Temporary Assistance for Needy Families is provided in form of cash allowance which is given on a monthly basis. The cash benefit is availed for a maximum of 60 months but this will vary from one state to another. Some states actually institute periods that are shorter than this. Read more on Cash Assistance

Rent Assistance

Housing Grants Assistance and Rent Help is commonly sought out by hardworking mothers, seniors and others as housing need trumps other needs. Read more on Rent Assistance for Single Mothers.


 CHIP-Children’s Health Insurance Program

The Children’s Health Insurance Program is among the top rated grants for single mothers in the nation. However, you should keep in mind that each state administers this program on its own as such it is not a national level grant but state level single mothers grant. Those qualifying for the program benefit from the cheap health insurance provided to children aged below 19 years. To be legible, one must not be a beneficiary of the Medicaid program offered by the state. For those interested in the program, you can make a toll free call to 1-877-543-7669 now. Read More on Childcare assistance programs..

Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program

This one is under programs for financial aid for single mothers funded by federal government which assists low income families meet the cost of home energy bills. The program also comes with other forms of assistance related to energy such as weatherization, home repairs and assistance with energy crisis. For more information regarding the program you can reach LIHEAP State Agencies through their toll free number: 1-866-674-6327.

WIC- Women, Infants and Children Program

For single mothers considered to be at a risk of nutrition, the Women, Infant and Children grants for single mothers provide free coupons to pregnant mothers with a low yearly income plus their children below 5 years. While any single mother can apply for the gram, preference is give to single mothers that have already qualified for Temporary Assistance for Needy Families. Read More on scholarships programs for single mothers

SNAP- Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program

Another popular grant for single mothers in the nation is the SNAP or simply ‘food stamps’. Under this program, families with low and no income can access healthy and affordable meals. In addition, others who can easily quality for Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program include the single mothers, home less, disabled or elderly as well as the unemployed. Just like most of the programs highlighted here above, the family income is used as the basis for qualification in the program as well.

Housing Choice Voucher Program or Section 8 Housing Program

It’s also another one among grants for single moms which aim at helping the very needy families afford decent and safe rental housing. With a good shelter being one of the basic necessities, the Section 8 Housing Program ensures that single mothers and other poor persons do not suffer when trying to provide their families with good and appropriate housing conditions. If you are interested in this government housing for single mothers program, you are required to send you application to federal Office of Public Housing or to local PHA offices. Read more on Government Housing Assistance..

Local Food Bank

Under the Local Food Program, beneficiaries can enjoy discounted and free food items. It is mostly eligible to relatively low income families that are not eligible for any other welfare support programs. To locate a food bank or food pantry in your area easily, just dial 2-1-1. Single mothers can also send applications through the local food banks in their states where they can get help on how to obtain the food.

NSLP- National School Lunch Program

Qualifiers for these single mother grant can obtain discounted meals and free lunches for their children at school. It is set aside for families with an income below ascertained poverty lines and details are available at

Unemployment benefits

Workers that are currently unemployed for reasons that are not their fault such as layoffs are eligible for unemployment benefits including the single mothers. This grant is availed on temporary assistance bases and withdrawn after 26 weeks or until the beneficiary finds a job which ever comes first. For more information on the various benefits available under the program, check with your local unemployment office or visit for further guidelines.


Medicaid is one of the most essential grants for single mothers directed to those without a medical insurance. Single mothers that qualify are those whose income is characterized as to be very low. However, you need to check with your state for specific rules on eligibility as they vary.

Federal Supplement Educational Opportunity Grant

This form of grant is granted to those with utmost requirement for financial assistance to further their education. The annual stipend under the program is not more than $4000.

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While grants for single mothers are very essential in providing help when undergoing through difficult and overwhelming situations, it is not advisable that you rely solely on them. It is important you strive as much as you can to be self sufficient.

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